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Top 30 surnames (total individuals):

Martherus (528)
Monteiro (245)
GEENEN (141)
MESS (122)
BALEN (113)
van Osta (59)
Thomas (51)
Goodridge (48)
Schaddelee (47)
van Laer (45)
van Gerwen (43)
van de Venne (39)
van Gerrevink (39)
te WINKEL (38)
van Dijk (37)
BUSCH (36)
Vermaat (36)
LAUNY (35)
Ploos (35)
van Leeuwen (35)
Johan (33)
van GOGH (33)
Beijer (32)
Pater (32)
Muntinghe (30)
Roobol (30)
van BourgondiŽ (29)
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