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1 "merchant Schilt, Jeremias (I11966)
2 assesor Fecxhters, Sijbrandus (I11929)
3 Born 17 Nov 2017, in Rexburg, Idaho at 3:50 am
7lbs 4 oz 20.5 inches 
Martherus, Noah Lou (I12108)
4 bouwmeester te ASppingedam Vecxhters, Hero (I11927)
5 CBG - de Navorswee 1865 - 249 Family F1345
6 Chief clerk Salt production Teeuwissen, Johannes Hendrik Dominicus (I3810)
7 Chief engineer Merchant Navy SCHADDELEE, Arie Adrianus (I6719)
8 family stories say that she was born on groundhog day Clark, Gertrude (I1220)
9 Goldsmith SALFISCHBERGER, Wilhelmus Antonius (I11758)
10 Cunningham, Adam (I12061)
11 L CD-rom : KB 10 dec 1935 nr 27 aan Pieter, zich noemende Pieter MARTHERUS, en zijne minderjarige natuurlijke kinderen Henri Frederik, Hendrika Johanna, Alexander en Jeannette, te vergunnen den geslachtsnaam MARTHERUS aan te nemen.

IFA: Repatr K 3 
MARTHERUS, Jeanette (I12122)
12 merchant of wine Family F6724
13 vlg de Bataviasche Courant is op 12 februari 1827te Semarang gearriveerd de Vrouwe Helena met als kapitein G. Martherus en als passagiers mevrouw G. Martherus - HOHAN en LAZAR Johannes Family F171
14 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Cańwoan, L.G. (I10169)
15 volgens PK zoon Jean Louis Bertrand 29 Mar 1901 Menado, Celebes, DEI Mamahit, Emeline (I266)
16 was transported by the Japanese from Amahai to Surabaya on the ship Maros Maru. got sick with bacillary disentery and died on 14 October 1944 and was thrown overboard close to the southwest of the island if Celebes, Indonesia van Gerrevink, Henri (I727)
17 Wouter was a recipient of "De Order van Oranje-Nassau" UYTHOVEN, Wouter Gerdines (I11872)


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